Junior Girls edged out in Kawartha West final

Juniors must now play in at Wild Card Tourney Nov 9

By Terrance Gavan – Red Hawk Nest
Red Hawk junior girls held a lead for a large portion of Friday’s Kawartha West championship final.
There was a time when they actually looked ready to pop the clutch and snap it into overdrive.
However, some mental errors, followed by a fourth quarter of missed opportunities allowed the Brock Bulldogs to drag out a 26-23 victory.
Brock gets a bye into the Kawartha Tourney while both Hal High senior and junior hoop squads will participate in a play-in tourney slated for Hal High Hawks’ Nest on Nov 9.
I’ll get the update for junior football, Varsity Field Hockey and a complete wrapper up here at some point either tonight or tomorrow (Saturday) morning.
Red Hawk football hosts a playdown game next Tuesday at Brohman Memorial.
Full week of action in the upcoming week at Hal High.
Complete coverage in the County Voice.
Cos’ as you know, the Voice covers the county!
Thanks to all my peeps for keeping me up to date wit’ da’ dap and da’ dipsey-doodle.
The Gavster.