Junior Football Hawks – Shazaaam! Popped into playoffs

Tyler Wood leads the hawks into the playoffs next Tuesday at
Gary Brohman Memorial Field.

 By Terrance Gavan – Editor HSP
The Red Hawk juniors had already turned in their uniforms.
Their coach, Bruce Griffith, who thought last week that his playoff hopes were dans la toilette, was shrugging as a reporter from the County Voice approached him, ink leaving a dark trail as he plodded in the rain to the junior Hawks who were – WHA? – practicing in a cold steady rain.
So what the heck was the young Red Hawk squad doing last Thursday – out on the Gary Brohman practice field, in pads and helmets, enveloped by a grazing downpour –  running sets and popping sprints?
“Okay I got it wrong,” laughed Griffith.
“Something happened that we didn’t think could happen – what are the odds that Brock would lose to Norwood in overtime and that our win Tuesday would put us into the playoffs” shrugged Griffith.
The odds apparently quite favorable for the lucky Hawks, who backed into the final playoff berth in Kawartha with a combination of that convincing win over Thomas A Stewart on Tuesday and that somewhat bizarre loss by Brock to Norwood.
To put it in perspective, Brock handed Hal High their keesters in a game earlier this season.
Last week the Hawks dominated Norwood cruising to their first win of the season on electra glide.
What are the odds?
Pretty darn good if you consider the uneven ebb and flow of junior football.
Where week to week things go down through the uneven prism of parallel universes.
“We had the players turn in their uniforms on Tuesday and I put my coaching gear away, and then I got the call at 3 o’clock and so we couldn’t practice on Wednesday,” smiled the coach. They were out on the field in partial pads, just shorts and shoulder and helmets, running play sets and one would imagine, counting lucky points in the night sky.
So season not over.
Hawks travelled to Adam Scott on Friday for a rematch versus the Rams.
Click this site to your faves or bookmark it.
Results of that game will appear as if by magic to the Hal Sports Page once I get the nod from Griffith.
The Senior Hawks completed their season sweep against TAS with a 42-7 win.
Undefeated on the season.
Kudos to these big guys who have done nothing but get better all season.
The way it’s supposed to go.
They were out in full pads last Thursday running plays, and punching up their itinerary which will not include any nuance.
Just up the gut, in your face, smashmouth football.
That according to coaches Tim Davies and Derek Little.
They get a bye till Tuesday where they will host that Kawartha playoff.
Stay tuned.
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The Gav.
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