Hawks douse Campbellford Flames 41-0 – run record to two and “oh my!”

Jesse Walker on the way to a TD in the home opener. Jesse broke
his left wrist in the game against the Flames and is gone for the season.

By Terrance Gavan
There are twin wins.
   And then there are “Twin-Wins!”
   The former is nice, but the latter is exclamatory.
   Especially noteworthy when, like the Red Hawks senior football squad, your twin wins consist of the following: Points for – 81. Points against – squadouche. That’s Pardon the Interuption for ZERO.
   The Hawks’ apparently prepossessing juggernaut dispatched Kenner Rams 40-0 in their first contest last Tuesday (Sept 28), and then travelled to Campbellford last Friday where they unleashed a similarly spectacular 41-0 thumping of the Flames.
   Coaches Derek Little and Tim Davies were quite pumped after practice on Monday.
   “I think offensive line dominated and played really well in the first quarter,” says Little.

   Basically they used the tried and true formula that includes much ado about something.
   To wit: The formulaic precision of quarterback Scott Griffith handing the ball to tail back Tyler Wood worked its magic once again.
   Wood scored twice, and Nick Freeman – called into duty at fullback when Jesse Walker broke a wrist – also parlayed two runs for TDs.
   Drew Paul scored the other touchdown, while phenom Jesse Lefebvre converted on all five TDs and added two field goals.
   Little is particularly impressed with the strong presence of Lefebvre, a converted soccer player, who has shown remarkable accuracy this season. He never missed a kick in their opener and he was perfect again last Friday.
   “Scott (Griffith) threw the ball a little, but when asked he threw the ball well,” says Little, who adds that the team encountered some brain cramps in the second quarter, a faux pas that he addressed at half time.
   “We went into a lull and had too many second quarter mental mistakes; and whether it was a fact that the game was so one-sided, I’m not sure, but it wasn’t acceptable,” explains Little.  “Our half time chat was not pleasant, and after we came out in the third quarter we marched about 60 yards down the field. They came out in the second half and we dominated the line of scrimmage for the rest of the game.” 
   So what’s next?
   Well, we’ll see sometime this afternoon when the Hawks face their toughest matchup of the season, a showdown against the equally undefeated Holy Cross Hurricanes.
   And when the Hurricanes blow into Haliburton it’s always cause for some excitement.
   Thus the coaching staff Derek Little and Davies held the boys a little later on the practice field last Monday.
   Little says that he and Davies are both attempting to impress upon their charges that 81 and zero means nothing.
   Not when the perennial powerhouse is next up on the to-do list.
   “As always they’ll be a very well-prepared team, well-coached and ready to play,” says Little.
   They’ve done a little scouting and know that Holy Cross will be relying on the passing and running of a very talented pivot,
    “Holy Cross likes to throw the ball, but they don’t physically dominate you,” says Little. “This year we know that their quarterback throws the ball quite well.  Our corners are going to have to step up and our linebackers are going to play over their head.
   “Offensively we’re fairly big and our offensive lineman can dominate. We understand that they’re going to scout us the way we scout them. Our goal is how do we put together an offense to utilize our big men up front. We’re going to have to look for ways to spread them out.
Extra points: St Mary’s (Cobourg) has dropped out of league play after just one game, so the Hawks will earn a bye and a victory in next week’s scheduled home game. That means that this afternoon’s contest will be the senior’s last home game of the season. But of course they’re hoping to host a playoff game.
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